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Hong Kong Sustaintech Foundation provides a donation to PolyU to establish Endowed Professorship in Accounting and Finance



Metalpha made a donation to HK PolyU for BTC Mining and Carbon Neutrality research through Hong Kong Sustaintech Foundation.


Sustainable development is a topic of great importance to society today. Over the years, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has focused on interdisciplinary research in order to provide innovative solutions to societal challenges. Founded by several eco-conscious and tech-savvy corporations, Hong Kong Sustaintech Foundation (the Foundation) recognises the opportunities for promoting sustainable development within the discipline of Accounting and Finance. The Foundation has therefore made a generous donation to establish an Endowed Professorship in Accounting and Finance in order to support PolyU’s ongoing contributions in the area of sustainable development. Prof. LU Haitian, Professor of the School of Accounting and Finance, has been appointed as the Endowed Professor.

To express its sincere gratitude for the Foundation’s generous support, PolyU held an appreciation lunch on 13 July, hosted by PolyU President, Prof. Jin-Guang TENG who expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the Foundation for its trust and support. He remarked that the establishment of the Professorship was a great example of the collaborative efforts made by the University and industry, and that PolyU would further leverage its interdisciplinary research strengths for the advancement of sustainable finance.

With the aim of encouraging ground-breaking research related to sustainable technologies and corporate strategies on environment, social and governance (ESG) criteria, the Foundation acknowledges PolyU’s research contributions in sustainable development. Mr Adrian WANG, Chairman of the Foundation, said, “The Foundation is honoured to establish an Endowed Professorship and will work with PolyU to create a win-win situation for industry and the environment.”

Prof. Lu’s scholarly achievements span law, finance, accounting and other disciplines. He was one of the founding members of the Center for Economic Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Finance of the Faculty of Business at PolyU, which has become an international knowledge hub for cutting-edge research in green finance and Fintech. “The Endowed Professorship will advance my pursuit of innovative financial solutions for our society’s most salient sustainability challenges, especially in the ESG field,” said Prof. Lu.

With the support of donors, the Endowed Professorship Scheme recognises the achievements of distinguished researchers in their specialist disciplines and enables the Endowed Professors to explore and advance cutting-edge research projects for the betterment of mankind. We hope that like-minded philanthropists will also witness the powerful impact of the Endowed Professorship Scheme in the appointment of the professorship. Please browse the Scheme website for more information.